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Several years experience gives me strong background to develop and to realize according to individual requirements different types of equipments. (e.g. vibration diagnostics, vibration measuring, UV LED  application technology). My strength is to solve tasks those are requiring special physical knowledge.

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About me

My first job was at the Economic Department of Budapest Technical University – HUNGARY

I worked for three years as a technical consultant until 1976.

In 1977, as a result of a successful tender I got a job at the Nuclear Energy Research Institute of the Central Physical Research Institute in Budapest.

Here I could reach the qualification of engineer in nuclear automatics. First working as an operator at the former ZR-4 and ZR-6 research nuclear reactors of the former CMEA, then I continued designing and constructing automated nuclear safety systems and measurement equipments.

I participated in design and construction work of different instruments used for technical and automation support of several foreign, small power nuclear reactors.

For example such as instruments used by “Tajura” nuclear reactor in Libya, or used by CC-1 nuclear reactor at the “La Quebrada” research centre in Cuba.

My research activity covered off-nuclear topics as well, where I could use my measurement and automation experiences being in practice for more than two decades.

I stopped working at Nuclear Energy Research Institute in 1990.

I had been invited by the Hungarian representation of  PSION UK Ltd to be the technical manager director in Budapest. I was responsible for development and technical support.

Meanwhile I established my own company in 1991 and working as a managing director.

This company is a specialist in design and production of different measuring instruments, also portable ones based on microprocessor data collectors.

We undertake the production of uniquely designed and constructed industrial equipments fitted to PC or PLC control and process control both for inland and outland companies.

We take responsibility from starting with preparation of technical design and finish with handover of equipment during operation at the end-user.

We can prepare technical reports about other instruments and we also can offer our assistance in various fields of process control and measuring control area.

Currently our new activity areas are in two fields.

These are practical application of  UV LED technology and mechanical vibration noise analyses.

For both we can do unique developed, designed instruments, just one unit or also in small series according to clients requests.

We do cooperation with some well-known companies for different technical research projects and productions. Detailed partner list you can find under PARTNER menu..


–  I am owner of six Hungarian registered patents, and two USA registered patents

–  I am a member of the Hungarian Chamber of Engineers and member of Canadian-Hungarian Chamber of Commerce


Publications, reports

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