Portable data collecting

Portable  mobile data collector
  • One or more (max. 4) independent channel portable device with analog inputs
  • Measuring range:  U INP = 0,1mV …..5V DC or AC (U pp)
  • 2 x 16 / 4 x 20 chr LCD display with backlight (in option TFT graphical LCD display)
  • Programmable – for user specific tasks
  • User friendly – modular design – for user specific measuring target
  • Application areas: depend on the sensor type can be different fields of industry, research and development for individual data collection
  • PC connection through RS-232 interface or  USB 2.0  port
  • Task-oriented hardware/software applications
  • Saves and stores the measured data for long period (SRAM or SD)
  • Modular designed system
  • Easy to handle, user friendly
  • Built in BOPLA box (size: 195mm x 100mm x 38mm)
  • Power supply:  4 pc.  1.5V AA batteries or NiMnH rechargeable battery
Mobile data collection in extreme situation
P1000834 P1000840